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Siets software platform consists of 4 main products:





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One software platform efficiency software technology seamlessly blends the following 3 data processing software techniques into one single Siets Server platform:

  • full text search (FTS) engine supporting queries in free text language;
  • robust industry standards based database server (XML, UTF-8, ISO charsets);
  • distributed computing architecture with REST API over http/https.

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Typical use cases

Siets Server software can be used to develop corporate search application solutions and to provide quality search-driven services online.

For example, customers can use Siets Server software to build IT solutions for the following typical use cases:

  • Corporate search engines: to increase productivity of employees and satisfaction of users;
  • NLP-based ML/AI projects: to develop natural language text driven search applications;
  • Virtual chat bots: to improve web sites responding to plain text questions of users;
  • Recommendation engines: to operate text-rich databases for recommendation engine services;
  • NoSQL databases: to improve search and analytics performance of legacy SQL applications;
  • Big Data stores: to solve scalability problems in big data search and online analytics;
  • Integration platforms: to deploy combined data store and search platform to cut IT complexity.

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How Siets project was started?

Initial software design goal was to create and safely operate public Internet web crawling and search portals. Two country-size Internet search portals were built using Siets crawler and search engine software.

Software was also licensed to power many custom enterprise search solutions. It became the core search engine component in search-driven products of other companies. It was also used to provide search services on the web.

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Siets technology architecture

Siets Server operates as a client-server system. It is using open API, based on REST principles.

Siets API is open messaging protocol specification describing for software developers how to exchange XML-formatted data between Siets Server and application software.

The same copy of Siets Server software is being installed on all cluster servers.

Customer created XML data stores can be configured to operate as distributed shards or mirrored replicas of shards, or a combination of both.

You are welcome to download technical presentation: Siets Server Architecture (PDF)

Main competitive advantages

Among Siets Server software customer main benefits are:

  • Simplicity of use: enabling users to search text-rich data in natural language;
  • High speed queries: delivering millisecond response time in very large databases;
  • High relevance results: ranking textual content to provide great user search experience;
  • Maximum performance: running on bare-metal as optimized fast code, developed in C/C++;
  • Unlimited scalability: scaling out data volume and distributing web transaction workload;
  • Cost-efficiency: enabling customers to rack and stack commodity off-the-shelf PC hardware.

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High performance search engine

Software was written in C to take advantage of metal-frame speed on standard PC server (x86) hardware, connected over TCP/IP networking stack.

Siets Server is probably one of the fastest server-based full text search engine software platforms that exist today. Market is still dominated by search software platforms written in Java.

Typical free text query response time on Siets Server is less than 0.005 seconds with RAM cache use and less than 0.05 seconds with mechanical HDD disk storage access when testing on a standard PC server hardware equipment.

Natural language TEXT queries vs SQL queries

Siets Server developers can operate the platform as a distributed XML data store with built-in natural language search engine functionality.

Siets Server software platform be used to create, retrieve, update or search very large data volume of free-structure custom XML documents, while relevant information access, search and discovery can be accomplished by users mostly with plain text queries using simple natural language words or phrases as query terms.

There are more than 50 search engine querying, natural language queries based text analytics, full-text indexing and data manipulation functions implemented in Siets Server API.

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Documentation for software developers

Siets Server has rich API functionality, described in developer documentation resources:

  • Siets Developer's Guide
  • Siets Administration and Configuration Guide
  • Siets Installation Guide
  • Siets Tutorial: Website Search
  • Siets Tutorial: News DB Search
  • Alerting Triggers: Release notes
  • XML Drilldown: Release notes
  • Siets API code samples in some popular programming languages:
    • REST API
    • XML
    • C/C++
    • PHP
    • .NET
    • JAVA
    • PERL
    • DELPHI

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Portfolio references

Siets search engine technology was used for web-scale and smaller-scale search driven data collection, aggregation and search projects:

Latvian National Web Search Portal

SIETS data storage and search engine technology was being used by Lursoft in country-wide Internet search portal which became of the most popular visited web location of Latvian Internet users in 2003-2005. was built as a national Internet search portal and was maintained by Lursoft from 2002 until 2007.

The global Internet web crawler was developed to collect and index daily more than 3 million Web pages and documents from the Latvian Internet domains *.lv and from worldwide web other .com, .org etc domains containing content in Latvian language.

This web search portal provided remarkable search functionality and results relevance compared to the leading Internet search engine, since it covered about double number of web pages in its index, was enriched with none-public data from business registers, media news archives etc, and it was providing more relevant results in Latvian language.

Funnel - national internet search engine of South Africa

A company from South Africa Funnel was interested to establish similar nation-wide Internet search engine in this African country. Scalable state-of-the-art Internet crawler software and Siets engineering team's know-how did help to establish complete high-volume operational platform similar to that of in South Africa.

The company was indexing all South African Internet for search (about 2 million web pages in 2003), using a cluster of crawler and search software as a back-end search engine infrastructure.

The search portal was eventually sold by company owners to A.C. Braby Pty, the most popular business directory vendor in South Africa (see BRABYS). Search service portal was eventually incorporated into other advertising properties of Brabis business.

MyPages Local Search in USA portal logo

USA Business Directory Company for Local Search Services

More than 18 million business directory profiles from all major United States cities and regions. Siets software based search application was developed by, L. L. C, that uses Siets built-in sorting by geospatial coordinates of businesses (latitude and longitude) to return all relevant matches to user queries, sorted by the closest distance.

NewsISFree News Portal Enhanced by SIETS search engine

World's News Aggregator Portal From Switzerland

A Switzerland based company owned web site providing access to more than 20,000 thousands of news sources and channels, ranging from high profile news sources, to very specific topic sites, to weblogs. Sources were gathered either from their syndication feed or by analyzing the actual web pages. Siets software was used as portal's search engine handling more than 5 million news headlines daily.

The Leading Business Information Online Service in Latvia

Legal and financial data on all Latvian businesses - complete official information on more than 170 000 registered companies and organizations. This national company register database was created in 1992 by Lursoft.

Company financial reports and annual accounts, management data, ownership data, pledges and many more data is available from Lursoft for registered subscribers.

Lursoft subscription service was using free web-style search using Siets search engine technology platform, applied across more than 60 registers and databases, aggregated from different government sources by Lursoft, and provided for online subscription users on the Internet.

In 2020 Lursoft is still the leading Deep Web information provider in Latvia, with runner up as the second business information provider using technology.

Latvian Press and Newspaper Library Portal

The largest national database of full text articles of newspapers and periodicals. It contains more than 6 million publications since 1993 from more than 100 sources aggregated daily. The library is growing by about 10 000 publications monthly and its search index is updated in real-time.

Sweden Company Giko Outsourcing Logo

Giko Outsourcing (Kingdom of Sweden)

Swedish contractor for low-cost outsourcing to the public administration and government. The company was operating the document management and public portal system on employment laws and benefits using technology.

The Central Bank of Latvia

Siets search technology was used to provide outsourced search services for the highly visited Central Bank of Latvia public search portal. This web site is providing currency rates and other essential financial information as a trusted source for local financial market and economy.

Apollo Daily News Portal was running search services for the one of the largest and most visited Latvian portals and news sites on

This general news and entertainment web portal was set up and operated by the national incumbent telecommunications operator and ICT giant Lattelecom (today renamed to - TET).

Latvian National Library and other libraries

Catalog of Latvian National Library used technology to publish links to library records on all recently published books. Also books references are published for search from the State Archive Library and Jelgava Scientific Library.

The largest national daily newspaper

Diena was using search services based on technology to access the full text article database and to enhance search services for their portal visitors with an Internet search option.

Folk Song Cabinet - UNESCO Heritage

This is one of the most interesting applications of Siets search engine technology. It brings full text search capabilities to the electronic collection of more than 3 million Latvian folk song cabinet texts and images that has a great cultural value, honored by the UNESCO as the World Heritage in Latvia.

The full-text search together with advanced search options offer assistance for the daily work of scientists, philology specialists and other cultural heritage researchers. Siets engineering team also cracked the challenge how to search in old texts (so called 'old print') using charsets not available anymore in the contemporary Latvian language. is also a very popular portal for everyday users looking for national texts of greetings, education or simply entertainment. - National Tourism Information Aggregator in Latvia

Tourism information aggregator in Latvia

One of the leading sites of popular tourism information in Latvia, includes guides and articles, all instantly searchable by Siets software

The Largest Sports News Portal in Latvia

The latest and most popular information and news aggregator on Latvian sports life. Lursoft was providing hosted search services for the portal using Siets search engine technology.

National Cinematography Center

News, information and other entertainment data on Latvian movies, cinematography, actors etc. Instantly search and any movie or actor by name or known context using Siets technology.

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Customer feedback

"I've been impressed with everything I've seen of your company, including its website, the sample code, the offer on the website to allow for evaluation testing, etc."

Gordon Riggs,, L. L. C., USA

"We tested other search engines before and they were not able to do the amount of data we have."

Martin Bachmann, NewsKnowledge Ltd., Switzerland

"Looking at the demo versions and understanding that this technology would form the heartbeat of our business, we can’t go for a cheaper solution. I must say, I’m also very impressed with your service and product."

Gideon Galloway, Funnel Ltd., South Africa

"Siets seems like a strong product, and your customer care has been exceptional."

Kevin Holdridge, Kent House Consulting Ltd., United Kingdom

Test driving Siets software

Functionality of both Siets Server and Siets Crawler can be evaluated by downloading Siets Server.

Download Siets Server here: Download

Services from engineering team

Siets software related services are provided by Contextprime SIA, a privately-held professional IT services company. It was co-founded by key software engineering team members in 2018.

The following Siets-software related sevices are available from Contextprime today:

  • Website search: to add natural language driven web site search services;
  • Technical support: to help Siets software developers to resolve issues;
  • Premium support: to take care about Siets use in mission-critical businesses (365/24);
  • Consulting: to help planning Siets software solutions and use cases;
  • Training and certification: to provide qualification certificates to Siets software specialists;
  • Installation assistance: to help deployments of Siets software over the Internet;
  • Remote problem solving: to help with administration of Siets databases and search indexes;
  • Proof-of-concepts: to provide prototype development services on customer data;
  • Managed Siets solutions: to take over customer cloud hosting of Siets platform solutions;
  • Search application development: to build responsive web and mobile GUI solutions;
  • Scalable application development: to develop scalable big data solutions by our expert team;
  • Integration services: to assist "plugging in" Siets platform into existing IT solutions;
  • Ranking services: to train the ranking model of data for the best user search experience.

Please kindly visit Contextprime SIA website: Contextprime SIA website

For venture capital investors software platform has already proved its scalability potential for several global market customers, as well as its capability to power other products such as Clusterpoint DBMS.

Transforming an IT services company to product vendor

Contextprime SIA team was providing professional IT services in the local Latvian market since 2018, supporting search engine, developing a new Internet crawler software version and providing maintenance and technical support services for Clusterpoint DBMS customers.

Contextprime SIA business development strategy is to become a search product vendor for the worldwide market, estimated to be about 3000 times larger market by size. It is a nobrainer plan for Contextprime:

  • the world's total 6 billion people economy vs Latvian local economy with barely 2 million people;
  • year-on-year increasing Internet usage density, today just about 50% of population worldwide;
  • growing data processing and information search needs everywhere, due to mobility and IoT.

Investment opportunities

Contextprime team is looking for venture capital investors that would be interested to join efforts and help us to transform our business and our unique software technology, creating new products and brand names in global search market.

Two business plans with demonstrable and globally scalable product prototypes are available for VC investors in 2021: Business Plan

A new search software tool for the world's 29 million software developers market

( click to learn more ) Business Plan

A new Web search engine service for 3 billion free users and 90 million digital advertisers

( click to learn more )

Above business plans were developed after market research done by Contextprime team in 2019-2020.

From owner

"There is plenty of room for new search software technologies in the global IT market today. Products based on unique search software platforms have repeatedly given rise to multi-billion business ventures with great bottom lines. I foresee several decades of market growth for search products and services in the future. Demand for efficient search software products and services will grow along increasing Internet use and exploding Big data digital world."

Gints Ernestsons, technology creator and chief architect

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