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Investor profile team is looking for VC investors, understanding the value of originally designed, written from ground zero in C/C++ programming language, professionally designed search engine platform source code, including the web-scale capacity crawler software application source code. core search engine and crawler software source code key values for investors:

  • Unique software code: being constantly improved over the last 10-15 years by its team of creators;
  • Market proved code: being used in mission-critical 365/24 customer accounts on Big data sets;
  • Protected code: developed as commercial software with strong copyrights (> 120 man-years R&D effort).

We are looking for technology investors ready to co-fund our business development plans based on this software.

Syndicated co-funding from more than one investor is welcome.

Our team profile

In 2018 we co-founded Contextprime SIA, a professional IT services company, that became profitable from year one and was providing software development services building search solutions for large customers in local market.

Today our search software is being used nearly by everyone who is using Internet in Latvia.

Among Contextprime SIA customers using our search software on their 365/24 mission-critical web properties, servicing the entire 2 million population in Latvia, are many leading businesses and organizations in our country:

Our company strategic business development plan is to transform our company from a local professional IT services company into the global product business company. To accelerate our growth, we are looking for partners and like-minded investors.

Our team today has seasoned search software engineers and business managers with relevant industry experience.

We were working together in tens of different customer projects. Among other projects, we have built two country-size Internet web search engines too.

Please visit Contextprime SIA website to learn more about our team members.

Contextprime Website / Our Team

My track record in business management

Most of my previously co-founded startup companies are sustainable business ventures today, run by professional business managers and profitable today.

  • Lursoft is a business information services vendor, all-time profitable from 1996, a local brand name in Latvia;
  • is a business information services vendor too, profitable today, growing revenue year on year from 2007, a local brand name in Latvia;
  • is a unique software product company (Javascript SDK for building interactive visual charts), that was growing revenues year on year from 2013 and is profitable today. The company is going to hit € 1 million annual revenue in 2021. Among hundreds of Zoomcharts customers are Microsft, Apple, PayPal, HP, Ericcon, Adobe, P&G, Adobe, DHL, BMW, Michelin, Honeywell, Ernst&Young, Siemens, GAP, NASA, Ricoh, Comcast, Sega, Belkin, Fridays, Tyson, Autodesk, ConocoPhilips, Nokia, Shclumberger, PwC, KPMG, Swedbank any many more Fortune 500s. Zoomcharts is fast becoming a known brand name in the global data visualization software market today;
  • Contextprime is the youngest my co-founded company in IT services market, being barely 3-year old. It is already making the first hundreds of thousands of annual revenue, developing its business at twice the speed of other my co-founded companies. Contextprime is all-time profitable from its foundation year in 2018.

I did help to hire different management and technical teams of employees per each of my co-founded startup companies, while having management board position myself during the first few initial years.

I had CEO, CTO, Management Board, Board of Directors and Advisory Board roles in the above listed 4 companies since 2006.

Typically I run the company product development and work at management position until the business becomes sustainable by revenues.

I did work at top management positions in other private companies and public sector organizations since 1991. Over my entrepreneur carrier I did help to establish close to 200 well-paid job positions in IT industry.

Welcome to download my Curriculum Vitae: Gints Ernestsons CV (PDF)

Product market time and readiness

There are good opportunities for new products and new business ventures in the global search market today.

In contrast to "search is done" propaganda and market crowd-thinking manipulated by Internet monopolies, it is obvious that fast and relevant information search will be in growing demand by the increasing number of people living on the planet Earth.

Fast, relevant and reliable search is going to become even more crucial business need for companies and organizations with escalating volumes of digital data coming from smart phones, sensors, IoT devices, robotics etc.

Tracking of devices, processing of text-rich user messages, analyzing of security events, understanding of user activity generated log data and performing many other tasks will need super-efficient search software capabilities in massive data volumes.

Customers will be looking for scalable search engine software supporting variable data formats and high velocity transactions in distributed data store architecture in future.

Equally important will be natural language processing software offering to end-users the most easy and intuitive search method for information: in their own free text language.

Siets software technology has a good momentum and the right market time for a private investor or VC-backed business development in 2021:

  • oligopolistic global market was hindering competition in search technologies for nearly 15 years;
  • users are suffering from 'we-are-the-product' abuse and massive privacy violations by tech giants;
  • customers are facing increasing ad-fraud, ad-blocking and tens of billions of lost revenues;
  • web search market will inevitably be regulated by governments and will become competitive;
  • it takes many years of teamwork to build a search engine software platform from ground-zero.

There will be plenty of room for as a unique and scalable search engine software in the future. Several decades of market growth are still ahead for all search product vendors. battle-tested and reliable software code is well-positioned for new product development in this growth market.

Venture capital pitch deck materials

Standard investor package is available for qualified investors with good references on the web.

VC package for each of two business opportunities includes:

  • Business plan (PDF);
  • Investor Presentation (PDF);
  • Investor One-pager (PDF);
  • 4-year Pro-forma financials (XLS);
  • Product prototype demonstration.

My task is to manage and lead the global business development strategy, ultimately in a CEO role in a new VC-backed startup.

I will promptly reply to any inquiries asking about our team and Siets search engine software technology details.

Please kindly let me know if you are interested to learn more about our team and business plan details.

Gints Ernestsons, creator and chief architect

Please Contact Me Business Plan

Product: a search tool for software developer market

Siets search engine server software platform was designed and written in C/C++ using a combination of machine-learning, natural language processing, distributed computing and few other relevant data management techniques by team of software engineers.

In software industry usually at least 5-10 years are needed until a new software platform for data management becomes mature and reliable code and is safe to operate in mission-critical customer business applications. software has gone through all product development stages since 2001. It was result of many years of software development, testing, documenting and product verification in the market. Among efforts invested were:

  • about a decade R&D time on the design of software and data store architecture;
  • implementing API functionality for all market-required must-have features;
  • writing and updating API documentation and tutorials for all releases;
  • compiling, testing and debugging software with regression tests for updates;
  • fine tuning code for maximum performance, reliability and scalability;
  • preparing installation packages, that are easy to download and use by customers;
  • product market validation in real customer accounts and in real IT environment;
  • providing quality technical support for the product customer base;
  • using customer feedback to do iterative product improvement, releasing new versions.

ScalingSearch underlying search software code base comes from and has nearly 20-year maturity and rock-solid reliability for 365/24 operations. software was market proved in numerous customer use cases since 2002 running mission-critical online search services for web and mobile customers.

In addition to reliability, the software code was proved to be nearly linearly scalable at search performance while supporting Big data workloads with tens of billions of searchable objects.

Software supports generic clustering (sharding and replication) on a fleet of commodity servers by distributing the data storage and performing parallelized computing.

It enables customers to easily scale their solutions from a single server to a large cluster, using the total aggregated computing and data storage capacity in a large server farm. scalable search engine software platform code base with its rock-solid and fast search engine API functionality makes it nearly the perfect foundation for a new search software tool kit for software developers: ScalingSearch.

Market size

A new search engine toolkit product for developers can have a good opportunity to address an emerging cross-segment need of 3 large and growing markets:

  • According to IDC, ML/AI market will grow from $24 Bn in 2018 to more than > $76 Bn in 2022;
  • Text Analytics Market will grow at 27.4% CAGR to reach $21.7 Bn by 2025 (source: Adroit Market Research);
  • The cognitive search market anticipated to be worth $15.28 billion by 2023, up from $2.59 billion in 2018 at CAGR 42.6% (source: Markets and Markets).

Customers in above market segments commonly use search engine software for natural language processing, text analytics and search.

Diagram below shows the role of search engine tools being the most common "workhorse" software component in nearly all machine-learning, virtual agents, text analytics and NLP solutions:

Digital ad spending worldwide 2019 2024

ScalingSearch product as a software developer "workhorse tool" for search engine functionality would fit the market need in those growing market segments.


Developer's, working mostly in small groups of 2-5 people, are actively adding machine-learning based search tools to their solutions.

Containerization and virtualization enables easy distribution of pre-installed software without need to install and configure it manually.

ScalingSearch can be run as a pre-installed with search engine software Docker-container on premises or in the cloud in less than 5 minutes, required to buy the licence online, then download the container image file and then run it using standard container management tools on a developer's computer.

It's a great time-saver purchase for a software developer looking for tools on the Internet nowadays.

ScalingSearch as the latest search engine software product prototype in Docker-version can be evaluated in the upcoming ScalingSearch ( product, which Contextprime SIA developed as a search tool for developers (alpha-version for testing available), in mutual agreement with ex Clusterpoint IPR holders in 2020.


There is only one popular search tool kit widely used on the market today: ElasticSearch (built on open source Lucene search engine Java-written software code base).

There are also several outdated search software platforms offered by some legacy vendors (such as MS Sharepoint Search Server or Oracle Endeca) still in the market, but these legacy search platforms are gradually loosing market share and are being replaced mostly with ElasticSearch software or with cloud services running ElasticSearch software such as in Amazon AWS cloud today.

ScalingSearch, being a search engine software product similar by core search functionality to ElasticSearch, and written in faster C/C++ code base, has a potential to split the growth market segment of search tools between ElasticSearch code base platform and ScalingSearch software in future.


It's the right market time to enter this market segment with an alternative software product to ElasticSearch/Lucene software stack in 2021.

Recently ElasticSearch business changed the license from open source ALv2 (Apache Licence Version 2) to SSPL (Server Side Public Licence), essentially becoming commercial software vendor. It did not help ElasticSearch software that it started to battle Amazon for forking the code for Amazon AWS services in the court (source: The Register, Jan 21, 2021: AWS has been doing things that are 'just NOT OK since 2015,' says Elastic as firm yanks Apache 2.0 licence).

It created confusion in the market among developers and businesses using ElasticSearch, who mostly did not like the software licence change.

Facing unknown prospects of multi-year court process between Elastic and Amazon about licensing issues, even business owners started looking for alternatives to ElasticSearch.

ScalingSearch and ElasticSearch are two completely different software platforms, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Customers will chose the right tool for their use case if they can easily find the tool on the Internet and if they can save development time by using the downloaded tool.

ScalingSearch product is all about that: it helps developers to get their job done with the least of their effort.


The total market audience is more than 29 million software developers worldwide and growing year on year.


ScalingSearch product key competitive advantage is support for ACID-transactions, coming from Clusterpoint database innovations and being a unique feature in the search engine software world.

In contrast to multiple previous products, ScalingSearch is just an easy to download search engine core software code, stripped down from all overhead layers of cloud and database software. As a result, the product can be used as a scalable search engine tool kit by developers who need to add some decent search functionality to their application solutions.

A search engine software supporting ACID transactions is a novel concept.

Business model

Online sales of licences and related IT services. ScalingSearch is packaged for easy containerized deployment, so that individual software developers can download Docker-container on their PCs or laptops and instantly start to use it, using standard virtualization support on all modern computers.

Investment required and used of proceeds

A ScalingSearch business plan with 4-year Pro-forma financials requires the total investment of 250,000 Eur.

The money will be used to organize ScalingSearch product online web marketing and sales by Contextprime SIA team.

Reuse of existing corporate structure, technical support team, IT infrastructure, accounting and billing is planned for the product.

The investment money is on the low-side because most of the software R&D efforts were essentially done over many years before.

Break even in two years.

Status today - as of January 2021

Initially proposed by Contextprime SIA for joint VC-funding in 2019, the plan has been changed in 2020.

The initial company business development strategy was to launch a search product business for global market using VC funding, with nearly all investment primarily required for the product web marketing and online sales.

Contextprime SIA has continued to grow its revenues from professional IT services contracts in 2020, gradually accumulating cash reserves for investments into own products.

Contextprime is going to implement business plan using own revenues from other projects in 2021.

Pease contact me if interested to discuss private or venture capital investment proposals for joint project ownership. Business Plan

Product: open ranking web search engine service

Contextprime SIA is looking for venture capital to launch probably the most ambitious project of team: a global web search engine service.

Market size

Digital advertising market worldwide hit about 330 billion annually in 2020. It is expected to grow for several more decades:

Digital ad spending worldwide 2019 2024


Increasing regulation and anti-monopoly efforts from the world's governments, as well as increasing privacy concerns, rampant ad-fraud and ad-blocking in oligopoly market makes it the right market time.


Very few vendors have own software technology to create and operate their own ranked web search index data as the most value generating business property.

Meta search engines, although mostly successful as businesses, cannot gain significant market traction depending on index data of web giants. Most of them specializes in privacy filtering that Google does not do.

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu - each having own search technology and fully controlled own web search index
  • DuckDuckGo, Ask, Startpage, Ecosia etc - in total about 11 meta-search engines worldwide

Oligopolistic market situation, with Google market share close to 90% in web search.

Opportunity team has all the Internet crawling and search software technology and know-how of implementing web-scale projects to make it happen.

Over the last 3 years Contextprime SIA has built advanced next generation Crawler'2018 software, that has been already sold commercially for some customers.

Contextprime Crawler'2018 software can collect massive amounts of data from Internet, storing it in WARC data format like Internet archive does (, and using massively scalable OpenStack private cloud object storage software. search engine technology can provide a well-ranked by trainable machine-learning system search results like some Internet giants are doing with their own machine learning driven systems.

Innovative, engaging users to explore new linked web data knowledge, and very easy to use GUI visual search interface for Qwebby prototype has also been developed and can be demonstrated.

In short, team has all software technology, relevant experience and prototype-readiness for a successful web search business venture.

A missing step delaying team to launch a new web search engine for the global web search market, is the investment required to store the sheer volume of data collected from about 500 millions active websites and then operate it as a public and free web search service 365/24.

To overcome this barrier of entry, VC funding is required.

Customers as a new web search engine will be offering to digital advertising customers a new visual web search marketplace for ethical digital advertising without ad-fraud and ad-blocking revenue loss, with ranking policy preventing web search market abuse.

Customers mostly in SMB and SME segment, about 90 million companies worldwide.


Open ranking algorithm vs secrete algorithm of Internet giants. Application of proved cognitive neuroscience and psychology methods for linked web knowledge ranking and visualization in web search. New visual search interface.

Business model

Monetizing strategy through user search query driven context aware display ads, using interactive and easy to navigate network graph.

Investment required and use of proceeds

The business plan requires 1.5 million Eur VC round to launch the global service with millions of users, with the follow-up Series A round of another 5 million Eur later to monetize it through digital advertising.

Status today - as of January 2021

Looking for investors considering a syndicated 1.5 mil Eur first-round, with the follow-up investment 5 mil Eur after the global web search service is launched and hit the first million of users. prototype can be demonstrated on the entire Wikipedia data corpus. business plan with 4-year Pro-forma financials is available for interested VCs and private investors.

Pease contact me if interested.