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Siets Server 30-Days Trial Evaluation

You can download and use fully functional Siets Server software packages for 30-days free evaluation. Registration is not required for Siets software download and evaluation.

In order to receive timely and quality technical support, you are kindly asked to obtain Siets Server Commercial Licence.

Differences among different Siets licence types are described in this website section Overview.

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Before you start

Siets Server software installation packages are available for free trial download on the Internet in two formats:

  • As a small-size Setup file for Linux OS.

  • As a complete ISO image of the installation CD with a Linux operating system included to avoid possible version incompatibility problems.

By executing Siets software download, installing or using Siets software on your computers, you confirm your agreement to Siets Software End User Licence (EULA) terms.

Please kindly read all Siets EULA licensing terms here:

Siets EULA

Installation Assistance

If you experience any problems installing Siets Server please contact us.

Please first read Siets online manual for installation assistance:

Siets Installation Guide

Download Siets Setup Installation

This is setup for Linux operating system that includes some latest production versions of Siets Server, as well Siets Enterprise Manager and Siets Crawler.

Installation packages were tested on RedHat 7.3 and 9, Mandrake 10, SuSE 9.1, Slackware 9.1 and 10.0 and Debian.

Version 3.4

Note. This version is complete upgrade of all required libraries. If you were using Siets server and Siets enterprise manager prior to versions 3.4.x/1.1.x you may need some library upgrades.

Warning. Do not use Siets server version 3.4.x and 3.3.x/3.2.x in the same cluster! Doing so can cause unexpected results and errors.

Setup file Siets server Siets enterprise manager What's new
SIETS-20070510.setup (6.65 MB) v3.4.4p-3 1.1.0-2 Server
SIETS-20070314.setup (7.94 MB) v3.4.4p-2 1.1.0-2 Server
SIETS-20070108.setup (8.1 MB) v3.4.4p-1 v1.1.0-2 Server SEM
SIETS-20060810.setup (8.1 MB) v3.4.3 v1.1.0 Server
SIETS-20060519.setup (8.1 MB) v3.4.2 v1.1.0 Server
SIETS-20060130.setup (8.0 MB) v3.4.1 v1.1.0 Server
SIETS-20051216.setup (8.0 MB) v3.4.0 v1.1.0 Server SEM

Version 3.3

Setup file Siets server Siets enterprise manager What's new
SIETS-20050923.setup (5.6 MB) v3.3.22 v1.0.7-4 Server
SIETS-20050817.setup (5.6 MB) v3.3.21 v1.0.7-4 Server
SIETS-20050307.setup (5.2 MB) v3.3.9 v1.0.4 Server SEM
SIETS-20041229-3.3.setup (5.2 MB) v3.3.3-2 v1.0.3 Server
SIETS-20041129b-3.3.setup (5.2 MB) v3.3.1 beta v1.0.2 Server

Version 3.2

Setup file Siets server Siets enterprise manager What's new
SIETS-20041129b.setup (5.2 MB) v3.2.10 v1.0.2 Server
SIETS-20041117b.setup (5.2 MB) v3.2.9 v1.0.2 Server
SIETS-20041013.setup (5.1 MB) v3.2.7 v1.0.2 Server SEM
SIETS-20040922.setup (5.1 MB) v3.2.6 v1.0.1 Changes
SIETS-20040914.setup (5.1 MB) v3.2.5 v1.0.1 Changes
SIETS-20040908.setup (5.1 MB) v3.2.4 v1.0.1

ISO image installation with pre-installed Linux OS

This is out-of-the-box installation together with Linux RedHat 9, that can be downloaded as CD ISO image.

It is easy installation, which installs only all necessary system files from the Linux operating system necessary for Siets Server operation, the Siets Server, and the Siets Enterprise Manger.

In the installation wizard all recommended options are already selected. Basically, all you have to do is select OK as you go through the installation wizard step.

However we advise you to print Siets Server Installation Guide, read it before starting installation and use during installation process.

Setup file Siets server Siets enterprise manager
SIETS-RH9-20050307.iso (309.7 MB) v3.3.9 v1.0.4
SIETS-RH9-20050103.iso (310.0 MB) v3.3.3-2 v1.0.3
SIETS-RH9-20041013.iso (310.0 MB) v3.2.7 v1.0.2
SIETS-RH9-20040831.iso (307.0 MB) v3.2.4 v1.0.1

Administration and configuration

Please kindly read online manual to learn how to administer, configure and manage SIETS Server software:

Administr. & Config. Guide

Siets Reference Link

Siets Server can be licensed under Siets Free Public Licence terms. Use it for non-profit organizations such as charities, social communities, social interest groups and other similar public benefit organizations.

Siets Free Public Licence requires a Siets Reference Link: a mandatory web link from the web site of organization, business or person using Siets Server under this licence. Siets Reference Link must link to though clearly visible and non-hidden Siets logo icon.

Siets Reference Link is a small-size Siets Server product logo icon activating a Web link to website anywhere on the customer referencing page, for example, a page where search application displays search query input fields or results. Logo can be replaced with the text "Powered by Siets search engine" linking to website.

Siets Server: Scalable Enterprise Search Engine And Crawler Software

Powered by Siets search engine

To add Siets Reference Link to your website, in HTML code of your website please insert the following HTML code fragment:

<a href=""><img src="siets.gif" alt="Siets Server: Scalable Enterprise Search Engine And Crawler Software"/></a>
The following img src=, href= and alt= tag values must be specified for link:

alt="Siets Server: Scalable Enterprise Search Engine And Crawler Software"

Choose, download and use Siets logo icon image size that best fits your Web page design (some examples):

Siets Server - High Speed Enterprise Search Engine Software
Standard size ( 64 x 16 )
Siets Server Mini Logo Icon
Small size ( 39 x 14 )
Siets Server Mini Logo Icon 2
Very small size ( 30 x 12 )

You are welcome to add additional notification labels as text to Siets reference link icon explaining its use such as (examples):

Powered by Enhanced by Search with

Siets Reference Link must be published at least on one of your website public web pages, not necessarily on every page where Siets software is used.

Customers of Siets Server Commercial Licence and Siets OEM Licence are not required to publish Siets Reference Link on their websites.

Read more about Siets software licence types in section Overview.

Please visit: Overview