Appendix B: SIETS Administering Shell Commands

This appendix contains several SIETS administration shell commands for administrators that prefer working from a shell than using the SIETS Enterprise Manager web interface.

You can configure the SIETS storage in the textual mode by editing the config.xml file of the SIETS storage in any text redactor, for example, vi, pico, emacs.

For more information on the SIETS file system, see Appendix A: File Structure.

The following table contains commands for reviewing logs using the shell:

Command title




Opens the end of the log.

tail log_03_11_05


Opens the whole log.

less log_03_11_05


Filters a part of the log records. It can be used to filter records of specific commands, IP addresses, and so on.

cat log_03_11_05 | grep siets_command:search | less

cat log_03_11_05 | grep | less

The cat command prints the whole log, then redirects the output to the grep commend, which filters only those records that contains the string ‘siets_command:search‘, or in the second case.

For more information on the shell commands, use the man command, for example, man less.