6. Running SIETS Commands

SIETS Enterprise Manager contains additional functionality beyond administering and configuring SIETS environment and SIETS storages. This functionality usually is performed using SIETS API, however, it is also implemented in SIETS Enterprise Manager for testing purposes.

After you have set up the SIETS environment and configured the SIETS storage, you can run a SIETS command to test how the system works.

To run a SIETS command from SIETS Enterprise Manager, proceed as follows:

  1. After you have logged in SIETS Enterprise Manager, in Main Menu, select SIETS Storages.

  2. In the SIETS Storages window, in the Name column, select the SIETS storage you want to run the SIETS command for.

  3. Select SIETS Command below the instance.

  4. To configure an instance, select Configuration below the instance.

  5. The SIETS Command window appears.

    Figure 22: Running SIETS command

  6. In the SIETS command drop-down list box, select the command to run.

  7. Enter the SIETS command parameters according to the selected command in fields described in the following table:

  8. SIETS command





    Performs FTS in the SIETS storage.


    Search query

    Search query.


    Search by relevance

    Information whether the results are ordered by relevance.


    Group results by domain

    Information whether the results are ordered by domain.


    Number of documents per page

    Number of documents displayed on one result page.



    Returns a document from the SIETS storage. If a document with such ID is not in the SIETS storage, the function returns an error.


    Document id

    Document ID to be retrieved.



    Searches for a document in the SIETS storage and returns the information whether the document with such ID exists is in the SIETS storage or it does not.


    Document id

    Document ID to be looked up.



    Returns status information of the SIETS server instance, which includes the following:

    • number of documents in the SIETS storage

    • number of words in the vocabulary

    • total number of words in the SIETS storage

    • number of executed commands since the last startup of the instance

    • number of errors that have occurred since the last startup of the instance



    Tells the SIETS server to start the process of indexing.



    Deletes all documents from the SIETS storage. This function should be used only when a complete re-indexing of the SIETS storage is necessary.



    Deletes a document from the SIETS storage.


    Document id

    Document id to be deleted.

    For more information on SIETS commands, see the SIETS Developer’s Guide.

  9. To run the SIETS command, select Run.